Posted on September 2, 2019

Posted on 24 June 2019

The World Health Organisation has launched the first WHO Consolidated Guideline on Self-care Interventions for Health: Sexual and reproductive health and rights. ISF is acknowledged as an external partner on p. vii. Of additional interest is a video message from WHO’s Director General, Dr Tedros, in which he positions self-care as necessary to achieving universal health coverage.

A formal WHO side event on self-care interventions was held during the World Health Assembly in May 2019; this can also be viewed on the WHO website. WHO organised a ‘self-care’ month starting on 24th June and ending on 24th July to coincide with International Self-care Day (ISF’s annual event). This was to allow for regional and national level initiatives by WHO and partners to be highlighted. WHO’s new involvement in self-care is highly important for encouraging the development of self-care worldwide.


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