Self-Care Worldwide


ISF uses the “Seven pillars of self-care” framework as a list of all the elements of self-care, describing the total extent and range of self-care. It is applicable in every country around the world. However, the 7 pillars model describes an ideal – all the things that a model self-carer would do in a perfect world. Of course in the real worldthere are many barriers to self-care – external in the environment and internal to people themselves.


It is extremely hard to maintain good hygiene if you don’t have access to clean water or decent sanitation. It is hard to eat healthily if you cannot afford fresh fruit and vegetables. It is hard to get up early and go for a run on a cold wet morning. In this section ISF will in future be reporting on self-care as it is practiced around the world – recognising the many challenges and barriers that need to be overcome, as well as opportunities and new ideas. Watch this space!

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