Self-care is a win-win opportunity. First and foremost, self-care can be a win for each of us individually, through a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing, and enabling us to prevent, delay or better manage minor conditions and chronic diseases. And self-care can have a tremendous impact throughout society, with positive effects for families, governments, healthcare professionals, industries and many other “stakeholders”.

In the coming months, this page will present views of the many interested parties in self-care. We start with the International Self-Care Foundation’s own view of self-care.

ISF’s view of self-care [Click here]

An academic researcher’s view of self-care [Click here]

A GP’s view of self-care [Click Here]

A Practitioner and Author’s view of self-care: [Click Here]

A Gerontology Nurse’s view of self-care. [Click Here]

An Author/Writer’s View of Self-Care [Click Here]

An M.D., Health & Wellbeing Consultant’s view of self-care [Click Here]

Do you have a view? Let us know!

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