Self-care and urban planning and design

ISF Partners: Professor Rhiannon Corcoran and Mr Graham Marshall (Heseltine Institute for Public Policy and Practice, University of Liverpool, UK)

Programme: The identification and characterisation of city features which help or hinder self-care and healthy lifestyles. This is a new area in the ‘healthy cities’ movement. Urban design can have a major impact on the ability of citizens to lead healthy lifestyles. This programme is commencing with observational studies of cities which have focused on urban design and self-care, and includes the annual awarding of the ISF World Healthy City Award. In 2016 this Award was won by Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province China, following an assessment visit led by ISF and Prof. Corcoran, Mr Marshall and Prof. Moser (Kentucky University). Two initial publications making reference to Yangzhou City’s achievements have been published.

Rhiannon Corcoran & Graham Marshall. From Lonely cities to Prosocial Places: How Evidence-Informed Urban Design Can reduce the Experience of Loneliness. (Book chapter 2017)

Prosocial Place – Contributory Article to Urban Design Journal January 2017 – Yangzhou: World Healthy City.

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