Publishing the evidence base for self-care

ISF Partners: Professor R W Soller, Dr S G Mann, SelfCare Journal

Programme: ISF has a strategic development partnership with the leading peer-reviewed journal focusing on developing the evidence base for self-care, SelfCare Journal (see: This partnership includes the promotion of self-care through the ISF SelfCare Prize Essay Competition and the publication of opinion pieces exploring particular aspects of self-care:

David Webber, Zhenyu Guo, Stephen Mann. Self-Care in Health: We can define it, but should we also measure it? SelfCare 2013;4(5):101-106.

David E. Webber, Zhenyu Guo, Stephen Mann. The Responsibilities of the Healthy: A ‘Manifesto’ for Self-Care. Self-Care 2015;6(1):2-9.

An paper currently in preparation examines the importance of approaching self-care holistically, with the working title “Integrated Personal Self-Care: More than a Sum of its Parts”.

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