Nutritionists in China

In China there are 550,000 state-certified nutritionists, of whom 80% work as catering staff. There is an opportunity and need to develop continuing professional development (CPD) designed to raise professional standards and activities of nutritionists in China. ISF China endorses the work of the 724 Business School whose purpose is “to professionally reorganize and train nutritionists, to help them improve and enrich their professional knowledge and guide them to transferring the way of self-care to more people.”

The nutritionist courses run over 2-month periods with approximately 50 trainees each time. Topics covered include nutrition in health and disease, and professional skills development for nutritionists. There are five levels of study with each 2-month period representing one level.

The 724 Business School is separate and independent of ISF, which supports this initiative through devising a Code of Professional Practice by which nutritionists must:

• Conduct themselves at all times with integrity in the discharge of their duties according to law and this clause overrides all others, so that if there is conflict, this clause shall prevail;
• Maintain high standards of personal behavior at all times and to do nothing to bring themselves, the Nutrition Profession or the International Self-Care Foundation into disrepute;
• Maintain the integrity of the Nutrition profession in public and in the media;
• Respect the rights of persons receiving guidance in nutrition and refrain from any acts that may cause harm;
• Maintain confidentiality of personal information;
• Exercise professional judgment in furthering the resolution of problems in nutrition;
• Take no advantage of a position of authority with a client for personal or other purposes;
• Encourage the development of professional skills, knowledge and attitudes in themselves and colleagues; and
• Seek the establishment and maintenance of good relations with other professional, public and private bodies.

On successfully completing a 724 Business School course and in adopting these professional principles, nutritionists are awarded a Certificate of Completion and given the status of “International Ambassadors” of the International Self-Care Foundation. To see an example certificate and the certificate checker please click here

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