Good dental health is all about #selfcare. But it’s not just about keeping your teeth healthy, your gums need attention too. Read this article to find some good advice on the simple things you can do to have great gums. #sevenpillarsofselfcare

Avoiding risks like smoking is good #selfcare and one of the #sevenpillarsofselfcare. New Zealand is taking measures to eliminate tobacco starting with availability to young people. Best never to start smoking. To stop ask about cessation products.

As the UK’s NHS continues to face significant pressures, Sanofi has launched a campaign for a #selfcare revolution, as they continue to drive a change in the UK’s approach to it. Read the report here: #sevenpillarsofselfcare

A healthy lifestyle slows memory decline according to a study published in BMJ. Even if you have the gene that increases risk of dementia , these #selfcare tips will help your mental acuity. Read more here: #sevenpillarsofselfcare

Sitting long periods isn’t good for you. It can affect circulation and other aspects of your health. The good #selfcare news is that just taking a 5 minute walk to break up long periods of sitting can help. Read more here: #sevenpillarsofselfcare

A strong immune system fights off infectious diseases. This article describes 14 different #selfcare ways to help keep your infection risk low. #sevenpillarsofselfcare

77% of UK pharmacists support creating a National #SelfCare Strategy to help ease the burden on healthcare. What would this strategy look like? Perhaps incorporating the #sevenpillarsofselfcare into education, promotion and regulation is a good start.

This article describes how #selfcare can save precious healthcare resources. Staying healthy longer by following the #sevenpillarsofselfcare means that here will be less pressure on formal health services. That gives more access for serious treatments.

World Economic Forum on LinkedIn: Following this simple #selfcare strategy could help reduce your health risks… | 67 comments

RT @WebMD: Do you feel cold often? Without enough B12, you might not have enough healthy red blood cells to move oxygen around your body -- that can leave you feeling cold, especially in your hands and feet. #selfcare #sevenpillarsofselfcare

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