There seems to be a rise in heart disease amongst younger people. This article describes how to take better care of your cardiovascular health. It’s simple #selfcare but tracking BP and cholesterol are keys. Following the #sevenpillarsofselfcare helps.

Did you know that following the #sevenpillarsofselfcare can also boost your immune system? This article shows that #selfcare can help you maximize your resistance to illness. Nutrition, sleep, exercise and proper use of supplements all contribute.

Vitamin D is essential to bone health and your immune system. While your body can generate this vitamin from sunshine there are multiple factors that influence how much you produce. Read this for #selfcare tips and more info. #sevenpillarsofselfcare

It’s #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth so taking time to learn more about how to check for breast health will reduce the risks of cancer. It’s simple #selfcare and there is great information to assist on this selfcare app found here: #sevenpillarsofselfcare

Keeping your heart healthy is a matter of embracing #selfcare. Just following the #sevenpillarsofselfcare can improve heart health and cut the risks of cardiovascular disease. This article outlines some simple ways to look after your heart.

Today is #GlobalHandwashingDay and this simple #selfcare activity can protect you from many bacterial and viral illnesses. Check out this video from WHO on how to do it correctly. #sevenpillarsofselfcare

We’re still focussed on #worldsightday. Did you know that 80% of vision problems are preventable? This article from the World Economic Forum shares some insight. #selfcare #sevenpillarsofselfcare

WHO notes that it’s #WorldSightDay More than 2 billion people have a vision impairment or blindness and at least 1 billion of those could have been prevented. Regular eye care and checkups are good #selfcare. #sevenpillarsofselfcare.

After the Australian Mitchell Institute's report "Self-care for health: a national policy blueprint" #selfcare in Australia moves ahead. Individuals, health organizations, policy experts, and industry have launched the Australian Self-Care Alliance.

Practicing #selfcare for life by following the #sevenpillarsofselfcare is great advice and this years #selfcareweek is coming soon. Are you making plans to take greater care of your own health?

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