High blood pressure can be a killer but there are some #selfcare actions that can get it under control and reduce the risks. Read this article to find out more: #sevenpillarsofselfcare

Smoking and eating foods high in trans fats are major contributors to early death and cardiovascular disease. Good news is that quitting smoking and managing your diet helps reverse some effects. It’s #selfcare and part of the #sevenpillarsofselfcare.

Are you a migraine sufferer? According to this article there are #selfcare ways to manage your headache severity and frequency. Read about it here: #sevenpillarsofselfcare

Did you know that daily deep breathing can improve your blood pressure? In a study it was found that resistance breathing could lower BP significantly. That sounds like some easy #selfcare. Read about it here: #sevenpillarsofselfcare

Magnesium is an essential nutrient and ensuring that you have enough will help prevent some heart conditions and helps with bone health. Good nutrition is good #selfcare. You can read about the benefits of magnesium here: #sevenpillarsofselfcare

WHO notes that health professionals can help us better understand our #selfcare opportunities. On #worldpharmacistsday this highlights the fact that pharmacists are the most accessible and can help improve your selfcare literacy. #sevenpillarsofselfcare

This article describes 12 #selfcare ways to build your immune system. Why not give them a try? #sevenpillarsofselfcare

Did you know you reach peak bone density at 30? To maintain good bones there are #selfcare actions you can easily undertake. Watching the foods you eat and ensuring proper nutrient intake are among the ways set out in this article: #sevenpillarsofselfcare

Do you want to cut your risk of heart problems? How about better bones and managing weight? This article will help you know how simple types of exercise work. Resistance exercise doesn’t mean body building but it’s simple #selfcare #sevenpillarsofselfcare

RT @SelfCareForum: Did you know that today is #NationalFitnessDay? We all know the benefits of #exercise to help us stay healthy, physically and mentally. A little bit daily is all you need for #selfcare to help you. #sevenpillarsofselfcare

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