ISF Trustees


The ISF Trustees are David Skinner and Dr. Austen El-Osta [Click Here]


Mr. Skinner’s passion for self-care has extended roots from his 34 years serving as President of Consumer Health Products Canada and as a Board Director for the Global Self-care Federation for over thirty years. During that time, he also served for over a decade as a delegate to the United States Pharmacopoeial Convention as well as holding positions on several not-for-profit Boards such as the Canadian Society of Association Executives and terms on government expert advisory committees. He is the ISF President and a Trustee.



Dr. El-Osta is the Director of the Self-Care Academic Research Unit (SCARU) & Primary CareResearch Manager at the School of Public Health. He also supports the WHO Collaborating Centre for Public Health Education and TrainingNIHR Diagnostic Evidence Co-operative LondonWest London Research Network (WeLReN)Imperial Research Hub and Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust (ICHT) Directorate of Public Health & Primary Care in the same capacity.

ISF is a founder member of the Self-Care Academic Unit (SCARU), Department of Primary Care & Public Health, Imperial College, London University (a WHO Collaborating Centre).


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