ISF Trustees


The ISF Trustees are Dr David E Webber, and Dr Austen El-Osta [Click Here]

David Webber co-founded the International Self-Care Foundation (ISF) and has been instrumental in the global development of ‘self-care’. His creation of ‘International Self-Care Day’ on July 24th each year, and the ‘Seven Pillars of Self-Care’ framework for self-care have been widely adopted by many stakeholders in health around the world. He is ISF President and a Trustee.

ISF is a founder member of the Self-Care Academic Unit (SCARU), Department of Primary Care & Public Health, Imperial College, London University (a WHO Collaborating Centre). David Webber is an honorary senior researcher in Imperial College. He also participated in the founding of the International Center for Self-Care Research (ICSCR) in June 2019 at the Australian Catholic University’s campus in Rome.

David Webber has a PhD in Science and a long career in international industry and association work.


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