ISF Self-Care Research

ISF Self-Care Research

Although self-care is an age-old practice, the study of self-care as an academic subject is quite recent. Along with the promotion of self-care worldwide, ISF has the objective of contributing to and supporting the development of the research evidence for self-care – the concepts, best practices and policies.

There are many research programmes around the world that are relevant to self-care. These include the ‘healthy city’ movement, the academic nursing community, lifestyle medicine societies and country self-care forums, behavioural health psychology studies, and new technologies (eHealth, mHealth, apps, internet, diagnostics, monitors, etc). Supporting such initiatives and helping to form connections under the mantle of self-care presents a golden opportunity. ISF invites contact from university-linked academics with an interest in self-care.

Details of ISF self-care research collaborations may be found here:

International Center for Self-Care Research (ICSCR)

Self-care and urban planning and design

Self-Care Academic Research Unit (SCARU)

Self-Care for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health

The Dependent Person and Family Caregivers

Behavioural change programme, blood pressure management

Publishing the evidence base for self-care

Self-care for offshore workers


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