Posted on November 21, 2014

Health ‘apps’ (small computer programmes usually used on mobile devices like smartphones, iPads or tablets) are a technological tool to help inform and support people in their self-care and self-management of conditions. ISF was pleased to participate in a recent workshop in London organised by PatientView, TICBioMed and Health 2.0, entitled ‘Health Apps: Meeting Patient’ Unmet Needs.’

There are reputedly more than 100,000 apps and hundreds more are launched each week. The majority of these apps are designed for patients with a medical condition. A significant number of apps have also been developed for people interested in fitness and athletic performance. Many apps have also been technology-led – that is, they do what is possible using current smart device, measurement and diagnostic technologies, rather than necessarily being driven by actual consumer need. Relatively few apps have been designed holistically with self-care, healthy lifestyles and wellness specifically in mind.

Self-care is a broad activity described in the ‘7 pillars’ of self-care model (see this website). For each of the 7 pillars of self-care it is possible to ask the same questions: Where am I today? How does that compare with others? What is my goal? What should I be doing today? How much progress have I made? ISF invites interest from app developers to use the ‘7 pillars of self-care’ model in the development of apps designed to help ‘keep healthy people healthy’. Please feel free to contact us on for further details.

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