ISF in China

ISF was first established in China in 2011 as an official Hong Kong-registered charity. ISF China and ISF Global are sister organisations with the same overall objective of developing and promoting self-care. The focus of ISF China is the Greater China region, whereas ISF Global’s interest is in all countries. ISF China and ISF Global are financially independent of each other.

ISF China’s website is: and general email is: [email protected]

ISF China has been prominent in developing ‘International Self-Care Day’ (ISD) on July 24 each year, and working with many independent partners to promote self-care and healthy lifestyles around this date. Examples of China’s ISD activities may be found in the News section of this website.

ISF China also aims to support the development of professional standards in China. For information about the position of nutritionists in China please click here

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