Posted on March 18, 2015

The International Self-Care Foundation is pleased to announce a formal working relationship with the leading international on-line peer-reviewed journal SelfCare ( ). Both organisations have a similar philosophy and share a common objective: to provide an independent voice on the importance of self-care based on sound evidence.
The International Self-Care Foundation (ISF) is an independent registered charity which champions self-care around the world, working with all stakeholders in health. ISF’s work is evidence-based and independent of any commercial or vested interest. ISF’s activities include helping to systematise self-care through the development of evidence-based self-care concepts, practices and policies.
SelfCare is the leading international journal advancing the study and understanding of self-care. SelfCare provides evidence and critical commentary on self-care practices, including medications, lifestyle, and behavioural approaches, in the prevention and self-management of both acute and chronic conditions. The journal encompasses perspectives from consumers, patients, healthcare providers, academics, regulators and policy-makers, as well as the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. SelfCare publishes peer-reviewed original research, reviews, editorials, case studies, and special supplements.
Welcoming the new relationship ISF President David Webber said “Self-care has been substantially under-researched as an academic subject and there are many areas of potential research interest. We need to understand much more about ‘best practices’ in self-care policies, and how to help individuals follow healthier lifestyles. Working with SelfCare journal will help drive the research agenda and provide a focused, professional and evidence-based platform for self-care and healthy lifestyles.”

Managing Editor Steven Mann said: “The journal SelfCare was established to help build the scientific evidence-base underlying the practice of self-care. Since 2010 SelfCare has established a truly independent voice in evaluating the value of self-care practices in acute and chronic illness as well as in the maintenance of health through lifestyle. We see The International Self-Care Foundation as an important independent partner in furthering academic research into self-care. As an autonomous charity, ISF is well placed to foster activities aimed at strengthening the evidence-base for self-care based solely on sound science. We share that aim and look forward to working with ISF to encourage the publication of high quality peer-reviewed research on self-care.”

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