Posted on July 19, 2015

On 24 July the ISF launched International Self-Care Day (ISD) at the Beijing National Convention Center, China, under this years’ theme ‘Together for Life’. The audience consisted of about 100 attendees including government officials, industry association personnel, industry experts, media, companies and professional experts on self-care and healthcare.
Following introductory ceremonials and presentations, a series of announcements were made about forthcoming events. Mrs Xiao Dina (President ISD Shanghai Committee) announced the finals of the Shanghai Square Dancing Competition, scheduled for July 26. Mr Wang Xufeng announced the ‘100 day Exercise Programme’, a repeat of the successful 2014 programme. Dr Stephen Mann, Managing Editor, SelfCare journal, launched the ISF/SelfCare Prize Essay Competition. Dr David Webber, ISF President, introduced the ‘Self-Care White Paper for China’. This multi-stakeholder work will provide an important ‘route map’ for the development of self-care in China.
Around 30 awards were presented to individuals and organisations who have contributed the most to the development of self-care in China over the last year.
The event was deemed a great success by all parties. Thanks are due to all participants and supporting organisations. Co-organizers included the Capital Healthcare and Nutrition Cuisine Society, China Health Care Association, Sinohealth Intelligence and E Medicine Manager. The local organiser was Sidea Consultation and support was provided by Medical Economics News, Medicine Internet Study, China Network, 39 Health Network, China Value, Sohu, Sina, CEDU, Trade War Masters and Chinese Medicine Marketing Alliance.

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