The ISF Global Self-Care Network

The International Self-Care Foundation (ISF) Global Self-Care Network

In all countries, many stakeholders are actively involved with programmes relevant to self-care. This includes political leaders, government departments and policy-makers. It includes doctors, nurses, pharmacists and health systems. It also includes the media, education institutions, academia, charities, technology developers and commercial companies.

At the community level, local authorities, urban planners, community organisations and many private ‘lifestyle/wellness’ practitioners provide self-care services and support.

Collectively, all stakeholders in self-care represent a powerful and diverse ‘community of practice’, supporting people in their efforts to maintain their health and manage disease. Evidently, the list of stakeholders in self-care is very long, with many organisations and individuals contributing in their own way to advancing self-care.

There is a significant opportunity to connect parties interested in self-care, at community, country and global levels. One objective is to move towards a common understanding of self-care. The opportunity exists to share activities and learnings, stimulate ideas and synergies, and ultimately to develop evidence-based policies and best practice programmes globally.

The ISF Global Self-Care Network has been established as a platform to help connect all parties interested in self-care. ISF has created a “Manifesto for Self-Care” (see below) as a starting point for a discussion and common understanding of self-care. Alignment with the manifesto, and specific acceptance of good practice principles, allows organisations and individuals to join the ISF Global Self-Care Network.

Benefits of joining the ISF Global Self-Care Network

  • Platform for discussion and sharing of self-care news and ideas.
  • ‘Self-Care News’ Reports
  • Thought leadership – opportunity to contribute to discussion of self-care topics and issues
  • Support for activities on International Self-Care Day, on July 24 each year.
  • Use of the ISF’s ‘7 Pillars of Self-Care’ framework, ISF infographics and other materials on the ISF website.
  • Connection with others in the ‘community of practice’, worldwide.
  • Listing in the ISF website and linkage to own websites.
  • Individuals may self-identify as “Self-Care Ambassadors”.

Expectation of the ISF Global Self-Care Network

  • Organisations or individuals on the ISF Global Self-Care Network are expected to share information about their own interests and activities in self-care, at least annually. These inputs, edited and formatted by ISF, are the basis of the ‘Self-Care News’ report.
  • Participation in the Network requires acceptance of the good practice principles.
  • Participants of the network must not suggest that ISF endorses a specific product or service and are not entitled to act as ISF spokespersons.

Joining the ISF Global Self-Care Network

The International Self-Care Foundation (ISF) is a UK-registered charity. Our Mission is to provide support to other stakeholders seeking to encourage self-care and the adoption of evidence-based self-care practices.

ISF aims to comply with the WHO’s Framework of Engagement with Non-State Actors (FENSA), as a Philanthropic foundation. ISF reserves the right to include or exclude participation in the Global Self-Care Network without explanation.

Participation in the ISF Global Self-Care Network is free; please contact [email protected] to register interest.

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